Which coffee machine is right for you and your coffee preferences?

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With prices ranging from just 30 dollars to over 1000 dollars, it is worth reflecting on what you need first and then using the reviews of our experts to find the best coffee machine according to your budget.

Choose the best coffee machine

Are you trying to decide which type of machine is right for you? We will explain below the different types available, as well as the features to be searched. When you go for the best espresso machine , then be sure that you will have the best option there.

Espresso coffee machines ground coffee

If you want to make fresh coffee using a wide range of ground coffee, then a traditional coffee machine seems to be what you need. They tend to be significantly less expensive and lighter than automatic coffee machines, while at the same time offering more flexibility than capsule machines since they do not bind you to a specific coffee brand.

Using ground coffee is also cheaper than capsules. Espresso machines also give you control over the coffee: you can decide how much ground coffee and how much water to add, so you can easily alter the strength of your coffee, so that it meets your tastes. In any case, this control also means that they can require more patience and commitment than the capsule and automatic machines.

best espresso machine

Automatic coffee machine

If you want a coffee machine that grinds coffee beans on command, this model is for you. The automatic vending machines have a built-in grinder, which means they produce the freshest coffee possible. They tend to be easier to use than traditional models in which coffee is dispensed when the button is pressed, but you can still use any coffee bean or ground coffee of your choice. Automatic models also tend to be more expensive than other types of coffee machines, with some models costing over 1000 dollars.

Coffee machine with pods and capsules

If you want a fast and “not messy” method to make coffee at home, a capsule or pod machine would seem to be what you need. Capsule machines such as Nespresso, Tassimo and Dolce Gusto tend to be very convenient for use and cleaning. They are a particularly good option if you think you won’t use your machine so often, as their sealed capsules keep the coffee fresh. However, choosing a capsule machine means you are often limited to a single brand of capsules and are more expensive than vending machines and those with ground coffee.

How much is the coffee made with the various machines?

It is not only the price of the coffee machine that you have to take into consideration but also the continuous increase in the cost of coffee for the type of coffee machine you choose.

Coffee cost depending on the machines

As you can see, the capsule or pod machines are the most expensive to use at home, especially with expensive brands like Nespresso, while traditional machines are cheaper, but at the bar, the bar costs much more.