The Best Steps in the Warcraft Powerleveling

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Another highlight of your level can be an expressive and memorable image that is created using special effects like cloudy weather, hurricane, and flooding, fire and lighting special time of the day, interesting color schemes. A good example of the proper use of effects is the levels from the game Warcraft. At Warcraft, players must get out of a burning hotel, passing through smoky and flaming rooms. A visit to can be perfect in this case.

Left 4 Dead 2

In the ending of the Dark Carnival episode, survivors make their way through the amusement park to the stage where the rock band was supposed to play and give a light presentation to attract the attention of rescue helicopters. In the Hard Rain episode, players make their way through a small town during heavy rainfall, which creates poor visibility and instantly floods everything around. Thanks to the use of visual and weather effects, each of these levels received its own bright, expressive and memorable image.

Warcraft Gameplay Find

Along with other tricks, the original Warcraft gameplay finds also has a chance to become a feature of your level. In levels, designed for the passage of one player, the find can be interesting game scenarios or unique mechanics.

For example, in Dishonored (2012, Arcane Studios), the most memorable of all missions was Lady Boyle’s masquerade ball, to which the protagonist in the guise of a masked killer easily enters through the front door. The player goes on a mission without knowing under what mask his target is hiding. To find out, you need to conduct your own investigation to eavesdrop on the guests’ conversations and explore the protected part of the mansion inaccessible to the guests.

In Titanfall 2 (2016, Respawn Entertainment)

The level with the factory for the production of modular buildings is remembered thanks to a gigantic conveyor with many moving platforms. The player has not only to jump from one platform to another during the battle but also to quickly shoot enemies. A special highlight in what is happening is added by the fact that in the process of moving the building to be assembled along the conveyor, it is periodically rotated, supplementing the design with new walls and interior items.

The gameplay of the level “A Crack in the Slab” from Dishonored 2 (2016, Arcane Studios) is entirely based on unique gameplay with time jumps. The player is given a magic item that allows you to switch between two concurrently running times. Through a special glass, you can see what is happening at the moment in another dimension. In the past, the mansion is inhabited and well-guarded, while in the present it is already abandoned and inhabited by cadaverous wasps and wild dogs.

In multiplayer, gameplay finds include traps, special points of attraction, for which there is a struggle because they give an advantage over other players. For example, at the Sawmill level in Team Fortress 2 2008, Valve in the central building there are two working circular saws that add a special twist to the gameplay, forcing players to be more careful and transforming the level from ordinary to bright and outstanding because trapping an opponent is always fun.