Great Choices for the Perfect Proxy Service Selections

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When is a proxy used? What is a proxy used for? Professionals answer these questions immediately. One of the cases where a proxy can be used is for example for internet browsing. This type of proxy is called a http proxy. In order to properly use a proxy, you will need to configure your client so that it connects to the proxy instead of the server. You can have the best choice with pirate proxy now.

Alternatively you could define a transparent proxy that will have the task of automatically addressing the requests made by the HTTP connection to the proxy.

The multiple uses of a proxy

pirate proxy

Now let’s take a closer look at all the uses that can be done with proxy servers:

  • Connection: an example is the classic proxy used as a firewall when we want to have our private computer line accessed from outside.
  • Monitoring: you can use a proxy to monitor all the operations that are carried out such as, for example, storing the visited internet pages and tracking statistical data.
  • Privacy: the proxy allows you to “mask” your real IP address (that of your computer, client) to the server that accepts the request.
  • Network control: often used by the system administrator to limit the bandwidth wasted by client computers, or to control which pages can be viewed and which not, based on filters and rules.

How to find proxy servers on the internet?

Well, there are many websites that share entire lists of proxies, such as Hide My Ass, and there are also many methods to search for free proxies on the internet. The point is: how useful are they? You need to know that in addition to the effort you will have to make to look for a free proxy, it does not necessarily work.

On a range of 30 proxies found, only 2/3 will work and being shared with the network precisely, it is very likely that they will burn out immediately a few words to the wise. If you are comfortable and you know what they are you can use the footprints to find free proxies on Google right away, of course on a scraper, here is what you could write.

It is preferable, if you use Google to search for free proxies on the internet, set the search in Search Tools greater than Last 24 hours, as it is likely that dated proxies have already been burned.

How to use proxies?

Now that you have an idea, you would like to know how to use a proxy, right? Here you are satisfied. The answer depends on what you plan to do. If your purpose is to surf anonymously, you have several solutions:

  • Use an anonymous browser like Tor (sometimes it’s slow)
  • Purchase proxies for use with browser extensions such as Chrome, Firefox and others

How to use proxies with Firefox

Click on Settings then “Proxy Manual Configuration” and enter the IP and Port of the proxy you bought previously.

In this case, as you can see from the image, using squidproxy proxies, an American company that is very famous because of the usefulness and speed of the proxies it provides. Obviously if you need European proxies just ask them, they have those too.