Finer Options for Finding the Right Electrical Supplier

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The suppliers contribute to the renewable energy market by purchasing the original guarantee certificates. Then there are other suppliers, who buy directly from the green electricity producers and do not go through the device for access to nuclear electricity. It is said that these producers do not dissociate the original guarantee from the electricity associated with it. The consumer, in this case, receives 100% renewable electricity at home. It is the Power to Choose the best electric supplier that makes your choice so much important.

Which green electricity offer to choose?

There are more and more green electricity offers in France at very advantageous rates. Total Spring is the most recommended green electricity supplier with discounts that can reach 10% compared to the EDF blue tariff. For consumers who prefer to operate the local economy while choosing the type of renewable energy, the choice must then focus on Ilek, the only supplier to offer this type of green offer.

Power to Choose

Choose an electricity supplier according to the quality of customer service

It is difficult to have a definite opinion on customer service. Experience shows that at the same provider customer service can be perfect for one customer and catastrophic for another, depending on the problems. However, there are some objective criteria for judging the quality of services, such as independent labels or opening hours.

Customer service rewarded for its quality

Direct Energy is the most awarded supplier since the opening of the energy market. His customer service has been awarded 11 times in a row the “Customer Service of the Year” label. This election is organized by Certified Council. The electricity and gas supplier achieved an average of 16/20. The competitors of Direct Energy obtained an average score of 13.11 / 20. Different criteria were evaluated by phone, email, social networks or on the website. They allowed testing the quality of response, the waiting time and the functionality of the site.

A local customer service

Some suppliers offer local customer service, such as small suppliers from former LDCs (Local Distribution Companies). Their small sizes allow them, for example, to assign each client a unique advisor. The disadvantages of these small structures are that their customer services are quickly engorged during periods of moving their opening hours are also often more limited.

Is a large supplier a guarantee of quality?

Whether historical or alternative, large suppliers are better prepared to meet customer demands. Indeed, they have significant resources and well-honed procedures. The top 3 suppliers have a customer service open more than 60 hours per week, which makes it easier to manage the peaks of calls. However, in the case of the historical electricity supplier, consumers often complain of long waiting times to try to reach EDF customer service by telephone.

Quality of energy and technical service

No worries on this side, all the suppliers benefit from the same access to the network, whether for electricity or for gas. The energy that arrives at the consumer is also the same regardless of the supplier. For 95% of the population, the distribution system operators are formerly ERDF for electricity and GRDF for gas.