Find the Best Choices for the Perfect Laser Tags Now in Winning

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The two main types of laser tag games are different in the areas where the battle is held. Based on this, they got their names:

Arena laser tag

For this kind of special arena is equipped, using a large number of special effects in the form of lighting and forcing “smoke” with specialized smoke machines. Such sites have, as a rule, a clear game balance, which allows you to more accurately calculate the tactics of defense and attack. For the laser tag outdoor options, this is the best option.

Non-laser tag

laser tag outdoor

This type of game is very popular among fans of airsoft and paintball. The action takes place in places that were not prepared for the game in a special way. This can be the ruins of buildings, abandoned production halls, open-air anything, and the main thing is that there are space and a sufficient number of obstacles and shelters. Naturally, this type of laser tag is somewhat more traumatic, and the safety measures at such facilities largely depend on constant caution on the part of the players.

In turn, the arena laser tag, depending on the configuration of the site, provides for various styles of play:

Slow style: These are stylized “walkers” as if transferred from computer games like “Arm” to real life. Tactically, this is the most complex form, as it requires constant attention and patience.

Quick style: The term “zerg rush” is very popular on the Internet, and this word can really describe what is happening. Rapid attacks are replaced by even faster counterattacks, and team coordination comes to the fore in rapidly changing conditions, as well as the speed of reaction of each member of the team.

Interesting Facts

The military loves laser tag. This is a high-tech method of conducting military exercises close to reality without huge expenditures on ammunition. Moreover, the military laser tag is also well developed in Belarus: even tank maneuvers are practiced with this game. There are a large number of military equipment modifications.

The appearance of the word “esports” refers precisely to laser tag. Residents of Eastern Europe are accustomed to mean computer competitions by this word, but it was “laser combat” that was conceived as a combination of physical labor and technology. That is, the laser tag did not go from entertainment to sports discipline, like the same computer games: everything happened exactly the opposite.

Absolutely all experienced players will tell you the following criteria for a successful laser tag game: accuracy, reaction, tactics and strategy. Rare games combine such different qualities that you must use.

For those who like to “mix in life”, laser tag equipment is provided that maximizes the gaming experience to paintball and airsoft, or even to real military operations: loud gas pops when fired, the look of a blaster close to real samples, the need for constant reloading, and others tricks.

Team Spirit

Come play laser tag in the entertainment center feel what team spirit and active rest with friends are. You will always love to play laser tag, because it is fun, interesting and everyone will like it. Laser tag is a high-tech tactical game, which is based on imitation of a real battle. It doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you ever held a weapon in your hands, and whether you have special training laser tag will give everyone the opportunity to test themselves in the role of a participant in real hostilities.