Wholehearted devotion for the application

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Every year during and early winter birds travel from their nesting places to warmer lands. those tik –tok also rotating the world. migration is one of the greatest mysteries of birdlife. those tik-tok also good mysteries of people’s life. never TikTok application in your hand without the birds without the breeze. Tiktok is a god learning tool and its very useful to more peoples. a lot of people use the tool in our life. many inspiring speeches and more newscast and more life-oriented data get from the receiving tool.

low-test worth and highest price range tool in the semen business. Ration good models from the shopper. all are having android mobile phones and use the headphones. it’s given new energy sources and beautiful tool. I have a hearing phone and I used more on mobile phones. TikTok is a good ig tools . I reach a lot of songs from time to time on my expedition. I am very sensation bad hear phrase songs and Weston songs. Suddenly change my mindset and refresh my mind. despite more times use the hearing its very dancer for your health

 Heath issues for the application

ig tools

Lot of songs you hear, suddenly you affect the ear diseases for the TikTok application. brain nerves affect for hear please avoid the hearing phones. because of a lot of connection nerves in your brain so, save your ear. more rations and sounds affect your sometimes you skip the hearing phones. A high-quality range of hearing phones sometimes gave small disadvantages. but, low quality hears phones given more problems in health. General people have heard and visually level only 20 to 20000 heats. four types of impairment in hearing level. reason for effect by genetics problem, generation problem, lot of sounds, accident, diseases, age factors also. the different types of hearing problems in the ear. total hearing loss, deafness only, conductive hearing loss, mixed hearing loss, neural hearing impairment. classification of deafness mild, moderate, moderate-server, server, profound. then, sometimes neural problems affect the speech impairment also .and create intellectual disability, mental retardation, psychological disorders, schizophrenia, phobia, anxiety, negative thoughts, personality, cerebral palest are in the hearing impairment related disease. Government givens the persons with disabilities equal opportunism, protection of rights, and participation ace.

Affect all organs for the bodies and more disadvantages. more persons affect the application for example they affect them mentally. The people of India express numerous languages and have diverse duties. the eat different types of food and dress in different ways. but all of them love India because they are the children of mother India. their love for the country only makes the nation great. they are the round sons and daughters of a great nation. Abul kalam Azad was very intelligent but shy. he was physically weak and mentally strong. he always spoke the truth. adzed had close contact with great national leaders like Gandhiji guruji, Sardar Patel. along with these leaders he took part in the freedom struggle adzed worked for Hindu Muslim unity. this application attracts to a lot of peoples. then attempt the people. safe and save your life.