Pros and cons of vinyl house siding

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Vinyl siding is the form of plastic which mostly used on the exterior of houses. Vinyl house siding is durable. It is available in many colours, designs and styles. Even you can buy vinyl house siding in the appearance of wood and other siding materials. Crystal Lake  is the place where you can easily find many vinyl house contractors. Vinyl siding panels are easy to obtain and quick to install. Vinyl siding doesn’t require much money for maintenance. Here a list of advantages and disadvantages of vinyl siding house,

Advantages of vinyl siding

  • No painting
  • Affordable rate
  • Less maintenance for vinyl siding panels

Disadvantages of vinyl siding

  • Need a trustable contractor
  • End with other maintenance problems
  • Lessen home’s resale value

No painting

Every siding material is coated with a colour layer except the vinyl siding. The colour of the vinyl siding is baked-in. This is the unique quality of vinyl siding. The colour of the vinyl siding can’t be eroded. The colour of the panel is fade-free. So your house looks like new for a long time. This vinyl siding will save you money and your time. When you choose vinyl siding, you don’t have to spend your money on painting and for painters.

Affordable rate

There are other materials that can be less expensive than vinyl siding. But the other materials need to maintained properly. The capital amount of vinyl cladding can be high. But it can save your money on maintenance, painting and cleaning.

Less maintenance for vinyl siding panels

The other types of sidings are wood siding, metal siding, fibre cement siding and insulated siding. All these types of siding require high maintenance cost. But vinyl cladding panels require low maintenance. Because there is no paint to peel in the vinyl siding panel.

Need a trustable contractor

The effectiveness of a vinyl shield depends on the perfect installation. Though installation of vinyl siding is simple, many things have to set properly. When a siding is nailed too tightly, it may expand or warp. A house owner may lose the product warrant by improper or wrong installation. So choose the contractor with enough training and proper certificate. Thus you can get better benefits.

 End with other maintenance problems

High­-quality vinyl siding can last about 20 to 30 years. But in 10 to 15 years the vinyl cladding will begin to fade due to the summer days. The vinyl siding can’t be painted to hide its age. If you choose pressure washing to keep the panel’s colour, it will be disastrous. Because the cracks in vinyl siding will permit the water into the house. A hole in vinyl siding can’t be patched. The entire panel have to be changed.

Lessen home’s resale value

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Though vinyl siding is a good option for a home, it decreases the resale value of a home. Because vinyl cladding is inexpensive and easy to obtain. Many home buyers feel that vinyl siding is inferior. If a homeowner decides to sell the home, the vinyl cladding may result in a lower offer for it.