Organising workshop- A Teambuilding Activity

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Team Building Company Singapore is the successful company in organising a workshop virtually. The organising workshop is a big task and it can be done by a regular schedule of works. One such workshop organised is that the perfume-making workshop. Before organising the workshop the team leader and their team have to plan for the workshop. Planning is the foremost important step to organise an event. Due to the current scenario, they can’t organise the people in a single venue. So they have organised the workshop virtually. The trainer or the performer will be in the company and the participants can do it from their home itself. This is the task of the workshop organising team. After planning the session the team leader has to divide the works to their team according to the capacity. The first step is designing a template or an advertisement regarding their workshop. Only with the help of this add, only people can know about the workshop. One set of people are given the work of designing the advertisement.


Team Building Company Singapore

In organising a workshop, marketing has to be done within a short period to reach the audience through the help of social media. Marketing is done by the media to gather the participants. One person has to be assigned to receive the mail from the participators and to give a reply to them. Sending a quicker reply to the participants will ensure that they will participate without fail. Then a team should ensure them over the phone also.

Organising the event

Another sort of people has to start working in the manufacturing of kits and packing. The kit supplement is the main step in the perfume workshop. Once the packing of the kit is over then it has to deliver at the correct address at the appropriate time or before itself. The phone call committee has to ensure all the participants whether they have received the kit or not. If there is any delay they have a deal with the courier or the delivering agent to deliver the kit in the correct address.

The Day of Event

The above-mentioned works are to be finished the day before the event. Then certain works are to be done on a particular day is that they must ensure their trainer is perfectly ready to organise the workshop if it needed two or more trainers can handle the session, but it should be very clear and lively to make the participants work on it. Another team has to take care of the network signals, audio and video sessions. Once the session started they have to entertain the participants by giving them simpler activities by using their smelling sense of differentiation. This will impress the participants to participate it actively and interestingly. It should be a fun-filled activity.

Next process is experimenting with the manufacturing of perfumes with different combinations. It should be clear and effective, then only the participants will follow the instructions given by the instructor. If any doubt arises in between or if the participants are not clear about the explanations the team leader has to solve it immediately by repeating the experiment or supplementing a new mentor to clarify the doubts. After clearing all the doubts and completing the experiments and they have to verify the result of the products done by the participants. Then they have organised a questionnaire session and feedback session to get an outcome from the participants. It helps them to improve more and it will be done and achieved only by the team, not by individual. By organising this type of event their team and a new outside participant team also gets stronger.