Art Jamming – A perfect place of dual-functioning

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Art Jamming Singapore provides an opportunity to do art with your family and friends. It functions in a double way by having fun and creating new art for their own. Art jamming academies in island provide you with an enchanting and awesome environmental experience to chill your mind and at the same time, you have a satisfaction of doing something new as an outcome of creation with the help of your family members. Some of the academies allow the adults to mingle with kids to attend a workshop. If the adults are mingling with kids is a funny activity and even the adults also started to behave like kids. Such type of art jamming act as a stress buster and the day will be very good for them to accommodate in the portfolio preparations.

Art Jamming Singapore


These art Jamming Academies offers holiday programmes, commissioned works, Event for a birthday party, corporate activity, private sessions in-home, online shopping, special promotions, Art Jamming for couples, membership perks.

Holiday programmes

Holiday packages include the whole family. All the members of the family can enjoy the vacation of the kids in a single place. Father, mother and their children can produce art and it would be their happy time and they are doing something useful for them to reduce the stress of work and other problems.

Birthday party event

Parents can gift this session as a birthday present. This session can be arranged in their homes on a particular day. Their friends and relatives are invited for art jamming and they also present their own hand made a gift to the birthday person. This event will perfectly engage the day as an activity day, a useful day, an event day, a memorable day and also the happiest day for the kids and their families.

Online shopping

Once they are started to create the art, the academies are proving the opportunity to post their paintings for online shopping, if anybody bought the amount gained from that art is given to the artist itself, so it creates an opportunity for them to pick the profession as part-time or full-time. It creates interest to produce more number of arts.

Art jamming for couples

Newly married couples can join Art jamming. It helps in the understanding of their thoughts. It is included in the honeymoon packages to do a work of art in the combination of the couples. It provides a space for them to have interaction and sharing their thoughts and for understanding. After finishing the session the couple felt very happy and it also pays a record in their initial step of new life.

Private Session

Businessmen and busy men who are not able to participate in the events organised by the academy, they can afford a facility of private teaching. The academies are providing the facilities according to the needs of the people.

Membership perks

After finishing the sessions of the academy, those who have select art as a profession can claim membership from the governance of art and they can establish them by creating new art as an artist

Corporate Event

Corporate choose this activity as part of a team-building in their organisation to create a strong bond among their employers and to relax them from tension and worries. But they have book the event in advance.