Praise the Service through Right Tipping Amount

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Tipping is a usual act of praising the service people. Tips will be given to the service person directly along with the bill amount. There are many countries like the United States, India, where the tip amount is considered normal. The service person of these countries will receive only very low wages, and so the tip amount will be an extra amount for leading their life. But, in some other countries, the act of tipping is considered bribery. The people think tipping as an insult to them, and they are considered illegal some times.

The tipping calculator  is widely used in countries that accept the act of tipping. The tips can be easily calculated with the help of a tip calculator. One can enter the bill amount in dollars and press OK. Then one has to enter the amount of bill in cents and then press OK again. Now, the person has to enter the number of persons who have split the bill and press OK. Many times, the bill amount will be shared among the friends, and so the tip calculator has the facility to give you the exact tip amount of every individual who shares the bill amount.

In case if the persons do not share the bill amount, then one can just enter the number 1. Then the next step is to enter the percentage of the tip for the service. Usually, the rate of the advice will be 15%, and so the calculator has fixed 15% has the default tip percentage. Once you have finished the above enters and press OK, the result will be automatically displayed. The result will have three listings, such as tip amount, total per person, and total to pay.

tipping calculator

Detailed Result of Tip Amount:

In the tip amount, the calculator will give the calculated tip amount which has to be given to the service person. In the Total to pay, one will get the total amount of the bill which has been calculated along with the amount of tip. The total per person will give you the amount which has to be paid by each and every single individual who has shared the bill amount. Thus, the tip calculator will give the exact accurate amount which has to be paid for both the service person and for the bill amount. The percentage of the tip varies from person to person and it also mainly depends on the level of service given by the person.

There is a rule that the tip amount must be only from 10% to 20% of the bill amount. But, this percentage is also not fixed. The tipping percentage will be changing as per the place such as high-class restaurants, fine dining hotels, and even more places that are highly sophisticated. In these kinds of places, people will give a high percentage of tips while comparing to some other fast-food restaurants. So, it is completely depending on the nature of the place and the kind of service. Sometimes, there are some generous people who give more tips to even local service people.