Which is the better way to choose hotels, whether by online booking or else live booking?

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Normally every businessman will have some works related to their company development in other countries. So they should move on to other countries to know more about their partners. The meeting would take more than 3 to 4 days to complete. In that case, he should stay there for a few days until the meeting gets over. Not only for other country are people even by proving paid rooms in short term periods known as hotels and restaurants. Some hotels will stop their service only by providing meals for their customers, and the remaining hotels will provide rooms for their customers.

Who is responsible for the Accomodation service ?

Accomodation service

Until the customers leave the hotel, they should provide enough service for them. According to hotels, the cost per day would differ. When the price for each day decreases, the service will also be decreased. While getting enough service, customers will be given a gym, swimming pool, AC fittings inside their rooms. Here are some types of how hotels are classified?

  • First based on its surroundings
  • The second amount that the owner is ready to invest and affiliation.
  • Third, based on the target they fix in market
  • Fourth, customers rating and reviews the service
  • Fifth, how the servants work and the number of servants work inside the hotel
  • Sixth, according to the size and length of the hotel.
  • Seventh 24 hours service for the customers.

While seeing the room spaces, we can guess the price that means when the hotels have small rooms, the cost per day will be less; when the number of rooms decreases, the cost per day will increase. Most of the small hotels will have up to 30 or 40 rooms. If the same medium-ranged hotels will have more than 90 rooms in it, and large hotels should have more than 250 rooms. While fixing costs for rooms, the management would add their customer’s room charge and three meals like breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Why are the five start hotels called?

Normally according to the square feet required by the hotel will decide about the star holdings. If the restaurant holds more than 180 square feet for single bedrooms and 200 square feet for double bedrooms with 45 sq. feet, bathrooms will come under five-star hotels. When it reduces into half, it is called four and three-star hotels. And finally, if the rooms have 100, 120, and 30 square feet, those hotels are called two and 1-star hotels.

Every hotel management should be ready to provide emergency treatment if their customers got sick while staying in their rooms. When he is recovered, including the hospitality fee, hotels can collect cash from the customers. Then whenever the person leaves the room within their return, hotel servants should clean up their rooms by presenting them with clean surroundings. Online booking of hotels is the most efficient way to communicate with the receptionist and also to ask about their cost of living. But you should provide your contact details with mail id to know more about room services and prices. This is the better way to choose an online hotel mode.