What types of e-cigarettes are there? Disposable e-cigarettes

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The biggest advantage of disposable e-cigarettes is that they are easy and quick to use, and you do not have to make any preparations. They take the e-cigarette to hand, inhale, and enjoy. However, you should be careful with disposable e-cigarettes. They sound like a good way to try electronic cigarettes without investing in a starter set, but unfortunately, their quality is often not of the highest standard, and they are rarely as good as a good Juul Starter Kit . The best thing about them is that they are for are very suitable on the way.

Disposable e-cigarettes are available at many different prices, often for a few dollars. This does not sound like a lot of money but is clearly more expensive compared to the price of a set that you can use in the long run.

Refillable e-cigarettes

Refillable e-cigarettes come in many different styles. There are evaporators (part of the e-cigarette that contains the tank), which are completely replaced when worn and those in which you only exchange the evaporator head (burner / coil / wick). In addition, there are very advanced evaporators in which the evaporator head itself composed, so-called RBAs Re-buildable Atomizers. The evaporator can also be called a tank system because you often have a large e-liquid capacity.

E-cigarette set

Juul Starter Kit

E-cigarette sets with tank system often consist of:

  • A rechargeable battery (rechargeable, often between 600 and 1300 mAh).
  • An evaporator with replaceable evaporator head or several evaporators often called atomizer or clearomizer.
  • A USB charger (for charging the e-cigarette via a power outlet or computer).
  • E-Liquid (in some beginner sets, a bottle of e-liquid is already included).

If you are looking for something that contains more than just a simple e-cigarette, then you should choose a set with a refillable evaporator. These have greater capacity and more choice in terms of strength and taste. Not surprisingly, this type of e-cigarette is by far the most popular and often a good alternative to the tobacco cigarette.

The biggest differences to disposable e-cigarettes are the following:

Throat-Hit: With a stronger battery, you get more steam and a stronger scratchy feeling in the throat. This may allow you to choose a lower amount of nicotine than you would for a regular e-cigarette. Often these e-cigarettes even bring seasoned smoker to the first attempt to cough.

Longer lasting batteries: These batteries are heavier but rechargeable and often last longer.

Larger range of tastes: disposable e-cigarettes are usually only available in very few flavors. But look here in how many variants you can get e-liquid.

Appearance: Many e-cigarette systems do not look like ordinary cigarettes, which could deter smokers. Many smokers want a version similar to the good old tobacco cigarette for their switch to an e-cigarette. Others may be more comfortable with the idea of ​​a different look.

Are e-liquids safe?

E-liquid sold and tested by a reputable supplier is quite safe. Of course, you should still keep it away from children. Most reputable manufacturers provide all bottles with a child safety lock. Nevertheless, be sure to keep your e-liquids out of the reach of children.

There have been problems with e-liquids made by questionable companies with too much nicotine in the past. There are also more and more steamers mixing their own liquids. Nicotine in concentrated form is highly dangerous, and if you are not really, really knowledgeable, e.g. chemists, you should not experiment with it.