Various Abuses Faced by the Residents in Nursing Homes

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Nursing home abuse is a serious issue and it has to be reported perfectly. The elder abuse is not reported and may abuse is hidden without taking any action. One should come forward and complain about the abuse taking place in nursing homes. Many elder people face abuse just from the caretakers and this harms more to the residents. Some of the residents also face abuse from the accompanying residents too and this is not so common. The main common cases of abuse filed in the reports are due to the daycare providers. elder abuse attorney

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Physical abuse is an event that causes more physical harm to the residents of nursing homes. The physical abuse will be very intentional and it will be done only by the staff members who take care of the elder people. Physical abuse includes punching or hitting residents. It may even go further by not taking care of them and not helping the elder people to do their physical activities. It may be also due to the overuse of restraints and also the lack of physical care. Be unique and take of the elders if you have anyone at home.

Sexual Abuse in the Nursing Homes:

Sexual abuse is unwanted sexual exploitation or sexual attention. This will happen to the persons who are unable to express their feelings to others. Sexual abuse can be due to any people either the accompanying resident or the staff members. The elder people too face this sexual abuse in the nursing homes but they are not in a situation to express the abuse. Psychological abuse takes place in nursing homes which may be due to the culmination of all the external factors. Many people face physical abuse and they get into the mental trauma which affects them psychologically. These abuses will be directly identified due to the behavioral changes of the residents.

There are some staff members in the nursing homes who will harm the residents by reflecting their own issues on the residents. This is also abuse that harms the residents more, it may be like physical abuse or verbal abuse. The staff members feel restless in their work and when they turn irritated upon their work, they express it only on the residents. Financial exploitation also occurs in nursing homes. The caretaker will take advantage of the savings amount of the resident and will steal the savings. This involves direct theft and some staff members go to an extent to apply for credit in the name of the resident.

Neglect is also a major problem faced by residents in nursing homes. The neglect will be mainly unintentional and it will happen because of inadequate staff members. There should be enough staff members to assist the elder people. The elder people will need help in each and every activity and so they should be taken care of well. But the inadequate staffing will not be able to pay attention to all the residents. Thus, the higher authorities of the nursing homes should appoint more staff members and make necessary arrangements for all the residents and staff members. This will help everyone to work without any trouble and anxiety.