Type of Tummy Tuck Surgery RIght For You

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A best-rated treatment is introduced named as a tummy tuck. This treatment removes all the enhanced fat cells from the body and provides a flatter skin or belly. Getting flattering skin is a dream of every person. Nowadays, everyone wants their body fit & active.

In this article, we will outline three main types of tummy tuck surgery and its effectiveness

Typically, a tummy tuck procedure is a surgical treatment that is used to remove the excess amount of fat from the specific parts of the body. This treatment especially targets the midsection area of the body where most of the fat cells are located. Through various treatment types, you can easily get a flatter & more toned abdomen.

Different Types of Available tummy tuck.

During the tummy tuck surgery, a surgeon effectively evaluates the entire condition of the skin and tissues to determine which of the following type of surgery is best suited for you:

There are three types of tummy tuck treatments available:

  • Full Tummy tuck

This type of procedure is considered as the most common & reliable treatment. It primarily focuses on the full midsection area of the abdomen. In this procedure, the surgeon will make two incisions i.e. one is on the lower abdomen area and the other one is made on the navel.

You can consult with an expert plastic surgeon to know about the working procedure of tummy tuck.

Moreover, occurring of scars is common in this treatment and these incision sites permit the surgeon to eliminate the flabby skin from the targeted area of your abdomen. A surgeon will also tighten your muscles for the better & toned abdomen look. This treatment provides extraordinary benefits to the patients including males and females. Women after pregnancy experienced major weight loss and are unhappy with the overall structure of their body due to several genetic changes & aging.

  • Mini Tummy Tuck

Through this surgery, individuals experience shocking results in the form of flattering skin or tummy. In this treatment, an experienced surgeon will make only one incision at the skin that is easily contoured from the body. Then, he will give more strength to the skin and adjust the skin accordingly. Moreover, this type of tummy tuck is best suited for those who want to tighten their muscles. Mini tummy tuck surgery also preferred for women who want to correct their physical changes in the body after pregnancy. The recovery time of this surgery is very less as you can get back to your daily routine within 7-10 days.

  • Extended Tummy Tuck

It is the expanded version of the full tummy tuck procedure. It is intended to figure out the problems that are faced by both men and women i.e. the problem of unnecessary skin on their abdomen, hips and the lower backsides.

In an extended tummy tuck, the horizontal incision is made that can stretch the skin around the hips and lower abdomen, moreover, a vertical incision is also needed. This allows the surgeon to perform the treatment very well & remove more unnecessary fat cells and tissues. Liposuction is the most widely used technique for body contouring in which the abdomen is reshaped before the closure of the incision. A large scar is produced on the targeted area of the body which is harder to hide under intimate clothes. Patients can take a few weeks to recover from this type of surgery.