Tree Removal Options as Per the Requirement for You

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The basis of the design consists of 6 parts. Of course, if for the sake of interest to disassemble the tool, then there will be many more details. But it is precisely these that make safe and quality work. From the Tree Removal Vancouver this is important.

Secateurs for florists

They look like scissors in which both the supporting and working blades are sharpened. Useful for those who are actively engaged in growing flowers and creating bouquets?

Pruning pruners

This pruner is indispensable, for example, for lovers of roses. His handles can be either elongated or short. In the latter case, there are protective overlays on the blades that grab the cut flower, protecting hands from prickly stems.

Grafting secateurs

Everything is simple here. The tool is used for grafting trees. It is described in detail in the publication Do the gardener need grafting secateurs.

Herbal secateurs

If the trimmer or lawn mower is not completely done their job, then a pruning shear will come to the rescue to trim the grass.

Classic secateurs

It is a favorite of the public. Such a universal tool performs most of the work. Its supporting blade resembles a sickle in shape. Most often it does not have sharpening.

Important: Before going to the garden center, it is worth considering that secateurs are amateur and professional. The first thing that catches your eye is the price. Professional ones cost 2 and sometimes even more times more expensive than secateurs for amateurs. Without a doubt, they are more convenient, durable and more reliable. However, there are good amateur options. If you do not want to immediately spend a large amount on an expensive professional tool, you can buy a model of decent quality and most importantly with spare parts at an average price. Increasingly, manufacturers produce parts for secateurs in case you need to replace a failed element.

Differences in secateurs for ease of use

Tree Removal Vancouver

It would seem an insignificant factor. You can get used to everything. However, experienced summer residents always pay attention to it: the convenience of the inventory is very important for long-term work. You can’t cut much with a hand tired of constant voltage. The design of modern secateurs takes into account the size of the hand and what hand will be trimmed. Therefore, on sale you can find:

  • Secateurs for a small hand,
  • Secateurs for the middle arm,
  • Big hand secateurs
  • Secateurs for left-handed people such a model is found in the assortment of the company.

Differences secateurs on the cutting system

By type of cutting system secateurs single-sided and double-sided cutting simply put, with one or two cutting blades.

Double-Sided Secateurs

The principle of operation here is based on the fact that two blades move towards each other until one of them cuts the branch and begins to slide along the inside of the other. The people call this model secateurs scissors not to be confused with clippers. They really look like an ordinary household or office scissors with two cutting blades.

Double-sided pruning shears

Secateurs-scissors are rarely used to work with strong branches: they will not be able to make an even cut at a time, they only compress the branch. And the summer resident in an attempt to finish what he started will begin to crush her. This will cause delamination and cracks. So scissor pruners are suitable for young, thin shoots up to 10 mm, vines, grass or flowers.