The Great Role of the Medical masks

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Quarantine and self-isolation are not empty words in the current realities. Protective masks, without them you will not be allowed into vehicles, shops and other open spaces. Therefore, all have health and happy life. Let’s talk about the types of protective masks in what cases you need a protective mask and their proper use. A visit to makes everything perfect now.

Medical masks, when are they needed?

First of all, medical masks are used by employees of medical institutions to protect against patients and vice versa. This is a well-known fact. And most often, the demand for masks is growing among the population, trade workers, as well as among service personnel, during seasonal outbreaks of respiratory diseases and viral infections. The number of people with whom they contact during the day is quite large, and among them may be sick.

Buying a mask for every day for yourself: it is worth considering several points:

First of all, remember wearing a mask is not a preventive measure but a disease. The effect is achieved only in combination with other well-known security measures: it is advisable to avoid washing your hands and public places more often or keeping your distance if there is no other way, and lastly, do not touch your face outside the house.

The second one: It is necessary to wear a mask for people with already manifested symptoms of diseases: cough, runny nose, etc. In this case, the mask takes on the role of a barrier between you and others.

The third: A mask is necessary for a healthy person only with constant contact with the diseased. As an example, you already have someone with symptoms in your family or you are caring for a sick person.

Now let’s talk about the main types of masks.

There are three main types of protective medical masks: disposable, reusable and respiratory masks. The main difference between them is the period of use and the degree of functionality.

Common disposable, three-layer masks and, as a rule, two colors we don’t take into account the latest trend, and they are available for purchase at any pharmacy in the city.

In the manufacture and use of non-woven materials like microporous spun-bond and fine-grained melt-blown. The first and third layers are made of spand bond. It tolerates sterilization well, after which it acquires antibacterial properties. The second layer is made from Meltblown, as a filter for the smallest bacteria.

Buying a mask

Pros: The mask allows air to pass through easily. You breathe freely, without difficulty. You should be worn conveniently and comfortably. They are hypoallergenic and suitable for a large population, both children and adults. The only thing you need to choose the right size.

Cons: The effect of maximum protection of this type of mask is two to three hours. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase packaging immediately. It is a must to remove a disposable mask over the edges, not in the center. They removed it, washed their hands, and only then put on a new one.

It is important to remember that such a mask is disposable! After use, it must be discarded within an hour.