Ringtone free download for android phones

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New phones keep company with their own default set of ringtones and notifications. however, you ought not to accept those boring music. perhaps you would like to record a ringtone to allow you to recognize once your supporter is asking, or choose a singular notification for a specific app. Here’s a way to craft your own custom audio alerts for associate degree automata.  If you own an automaton device, things square measure easily. you’ll be able to do ringtone free download to your automaton phone directly since it supports MP3 files as ringtones. you’ll be able to even produce your own custom ringtones for automaton if you would like.

Is Downloading Ringtones from the web Safe?

That all depends on wherever you get them, and which of them you transfer. Their square measures many shady websites on the web that try and lure you in with free ringtones. a decent take a look at is to visualize if the web site is jam-packed with ads or asks you for cash. Another common maneuver is that websites can show you some ringtones, however after you click the link, the location tries to transfer one thing else. forever listen to the file extension to visualize if you’re downloading the file that you just requested. associate degree practicable file extension (exe, msi, dmg, apk) may be a large red flag.

ringtone free download

Then there’s the difficulty of lawfulness. Most websites have a mixture of ringtones, some legal and a few not. Obviously, if you’re obtaining ringtones for songs from the last many decades, they’re in all probability not legal, and that we would advocate that you just be from them. it might be safer to shop for ringtones like that or, if you already own the song, to form your own ringtone from it.

Safe websites for downloading ringtones


Melofania is a tremendous website for ringtones with a lot of options. Not solely are you able to browse the music of varied artists and transfer their ringtones, however, you produce ringtones from YouTube videos or maybe transfer your own music?

You can realize your favorite ringtone victimization the search performs on the highest, and so preview the ringtone on its page. You’ll realize a couple of totally different variations of the ringtones to decide on. Once you’ve chosen a ringtone you wish, click the automaton or iPhone button and also the ringtone for the particular format you would like. And all over again, automaton users will transfer on to their phone, however, iOS users can get to use their pc associate degreed iTunes as a treater.

Notification Sounds

The ringtones on the web site square measure organized by classes or tags, and their square measure many each to explore. The handy preview possibility enables you to hear ringtones quickly, even on mobile devices.

One issue to stay in mind regarding Notification Sounds is that almost all of the ringtones they host square measure meant to be used for notifications, not ringtones, therefore they’re pretty short. If you’re trying to find ringtones for calls, the choice is a lot restricted.

How to set the downloaded MP3 file as a custom ringtone

  • Copy the MP3 files to your phone. The stock Samsung Music Player app has to be compelled to be able to see the files. Check whether or not the music tracks seem within the Music Player app.
  • Go to Settings > Sound > Device ringtone. you may see a listing of the phone’s default ringtones.
  • Tap the Add button to launch the media manager app. If your phone has many file/media manager apps, choose Music Player from the popup box.
  • You will see a listing of music files held on your phone. choose one and click Done.

Your chosen MP3 track can currently be your custom ringtone. Repeat a similar method to feature a lot of custom ringtones to the default ringtones list.