Psychology of Color Green in Design

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Colors are very powerful as they enhance the beauty of every object. Moreover, there are different shades of color that can work wonders. While designing the website it is very important to focus on colors. In this guide, we have shared how the green color makes the website design more effective.

Importance of Colors in Marketing

While the website designing your main aim is to promote your business. But how marketers can make sure their business attracts potential customers. The right choice of colors is going to help people to buy your product or service.

Our website designing company makes sure the client gets the best-looking website and the customers get attracted to them to use their services. You might know but sometimes, the sole reason a person buys something is just because of color. One of the surveys has shown that 93% of users focus on visual appearance.

What is the reason for choosing a green color?

  • Green is the color that evokes emotions. This color is a dominant color in nature which is linked with growth. Think about nature and the different shades of green that express life and renewal. Green is linked with peace, rest, security, and refreshment.
  • The green color helps you feel secure and rested. Even at concerts or functions, celebrities are asked to wait in the green room before they face the camera.

Additionally, the doctor also prefers to use green color in their office so that their patients can be at ease.

  • This color helps the brain to balance properly. However, in some cases, the green color is perceived with negativity which is associated with envy, materialism, and possessiveness.
  • The green color is a mixture of 2 primary colors like yellow and blue. Blue color creates a sense of security and builds trust in the brand.

With yellow color, optimism is linked, youthfulness, and it also grabs the user’s attention. The addition of green color is linked with various emotions.

  • With light green color it is more towards yellow and it shows freshness. Whereas with a darker green color, it promotes strength and stability. So, there are different variations of green that your business can use to promote it effectively and on a large scale.

The green color is also associated with promoting a healthy environment i.e. Go Green. It is very rare that you can go wrong with the green color as it is an extremely flexible color and the mind associates green color in different ways.

Different business which has used a green color


The green color linked with Starbucks represents freshness, growth, uniqueness, and prosperity. Not only the green is present in the logo but in the stores, it is also used.

Apart from this, British petroleum, John Deere, and Go Daddy are using the green color in their branding.


Green is also used in design to bring attention to calls to action. Some of the examples include:

  • Treehouse

The treehouse also uses the same color as their logo. It contains white letters with a green background. The use of green color promotes saving money when the user chooses to start a free trial.

  • Evernote

The use of green, in this case, is very bright, youthful, and rich. Even in the page design green color is used.