Minute Thing also does have Risky Effects

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What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a kind of mineral that is made up of silicon and it is considered as a fiber. It looks very thin and looks like a needle-like fiber. When you expose yourself to this asbestos many harmful diseases would spread. It may also cause cancer such as mesothelioma and asbestosis. It is restricted to use in so many countries because it is so harmful and even cause diseases when it is kept for exposure. It is also considered to be as a fireproof thing but people fear to use it. As I said it is banned to use in some countries, America is still using it and it is not banned in that country. asbestos removal is a kind of protest in America.

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The texture of the asbestos is very thin flexible and helps to face fire, electricity, and decomposition. As they are toxic it is very dangerous to use. Though it has so many useful things in it, the thing has become useless because of some of the disadvantages. The main advantage of asbestos is that it acts as an insulator. There can be no problem when it is used with the cloths or any other things. It can be useful in the paper and cement and plastics also. It helps to become so strong. The important thing is that when a person inhales the dust of the asbestos then it remains in the body forever.

Harmful to Human:

After that, the dust which is inhaled by the man would get so many health issues within a decade. It may cause even death when he is affected by harmful diseases like cancer and all. There is a chance that it may also cause lung problems and lung diseases which is not at all a healthy thing. The one who inhales it unknowingly or by mistake would regret his whole life. For this purposes, this thing is completely banned by some of the countries. It has a wide number of varieties in asbestos which is based on the two divisions such as Serpentine and the Amphibole.

To save people from these harmful and dangerous diseases government has started the program to create awareness among the people and also the emergency bill was passed in the year 1986 and also an act was passed for the preventive measures. You can see asbestos all over the globe but especially you can find easily in the countries like China and Russia. The mining process also done all over North America as it is not banned there. This thing is considered to be as dangerous as it gets the life of the people.

Leads to Death:

One should think that as this thing is banned in all the major countries then what would be the power of such thing and how it has its power to destroy things. People should not be careless as you can find this asbestos anywhere. You should not maintain direct exposure with your body as it does causes lung diseases, skin problems, and even cancer. So people have to be aware of it and even after a decade it may trouble your mind and the body. It is better to stay healthy.