Importance of Scaffolding

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Scaffolding Enfield

To support the work crew for temporary is called scaffolding. Another name of scaffolding is staying or Scaffolding Enfield . This scaffolding is used to hang up the material during construction, repairing and maintenance of buildings, and other structures also. This method is mostly used in a construction site to access the height during work, if it is not then it difficult to get. Sometimes there will be unsafe scaffolding also that week leads to serious injury or death also. It will be used in adapted forms like shoring, concert stages, exhibition stands, half pipes, formwork, grandstand seating, access our viewing towers, ski ramps and at projects. Scaffolding has five major types used all over the world. The types are a prefabricated modular system, facade or H frame module system scaffolds, bamboo scaffolds, tube and coupler components, and timber scaffolds. Every type is made with some unique components. Base jack that is for the load-bearing base, upright components is used to connect joints that is always standard, longer is for the horizontal brace, a component horizontal cross-section is to hold board, batten, or decking unit, the working platform is made with the help of board or batten decking component, join the components together is done by firing and this process is called as coupler, a structure made with the help of tieing the scaffold and it called as scaffold tie. To extend the width for the working platform is done by brackets. Some special components are used for the temporary purpose and sometimes it includes heavy-duty transoms, stairway or ladders for egress and ingress of the scaffold, obstacles are span by heavy ladder and so on. These are used to remove some unwanted materials or things from the scaffold.


Antiquity РSuggestions for scaffold system is sockets that are in the wall around palaeolithic cave paintings in Lascaux. It was used for painting the ceiling around 15000 to 17000 years ago. In ancient Greece times, the scaffold is painted in the Berlin foundry cup. Researches told Chinese, Egyptians and Nubians also used scaffolding to build buildings. Wood and secured rope knots are used in early scaffolding methods.

Modern era- In 1913, preparing work was done in Buckingham palace under the scaffolding method. It was done in individual firms along with varying sizes and standards. This process was supervised by David Henry Jones and Daniel PalmerJones. These men are most important for modern scaffolding standards, processes and practices. Companies involved in scaffolding is Rapid Scaffolding Tie, Scary Great Britain and Tubular Scaffolding companies. The word scaffixer was patent by David Palmer-Jones. The coupling device is used more than rope for robust that made a revolutionized Scaffolding construction. Scaffolding gains more publicity when doing the reconstruction work for Buckingham Palace. This publicity is used to improve the universal coupler in 1919. Till now it was the industry standard Coupling. In the early 20th-century tubular steel water pipes are introduced, it was the advance metho in metallurgy. It comes with a standardized dimension, allowing the parts for interchange in industries and comes with better structural stability. Stability was improved by the usage of diagonal bracings. SGB brought the first frame system into the market and it used for postwar reconstruction.