How to start broadcasting live streaming on social media platforms

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Social media is the best platform for yalla live broadcasting live-streaming than any other platform because of features of having instant feedback, free of cost, flexibility, easy maintenance and having a large audience for your live broadcasting. It is easy to go to live broadcasting on social media platforms. But each social media platform is created by different codes, different structures, different strategies, and different features. So broadcasting on different social media platforms has different steps to follow in order to go for streaming of live broadcasting. Let’s see one by one social media platform and how you should follow the steps in order to broadcast live streaming on social media.  I hope you will get what you are craving to know.

  1. Facebook live

Facebook is the most used social media platform among this generation. To go for live broadcasting on Facebook is based on two types.

  1. For business page

If you are looking to broadcast live streaming for your business page on Facebook you should simply follow the above-mentioned instructions

  • Click on the tap post button on the profile and the option will be displayed as create a post or go live.
  • Click on the go-live option to start streaming live broadcasting.
  • Then in the middle, you can see the blue button when you want to start the live streaming.
  • If you want to add a description of why you are going live broadcasting then you can add a description as well
  • For security and targeting a specific audience, you can simply click on the three dots given on the right corner and select the audience. However, this part can be neglected if you want everyone to enjoy your live broadcasting.
  1. For personal use

If you are looking to broadcasting live using Facebook, follow the above-mentioned steps

  • Click on tap post from the newsfeed.
  • Select the go-live option or click on the live video option.
  • Click on the blue button available on display which will start your live broadcasting when you tap it.
  • You can see the To option available on your display. By tapping on the To option you can send notifications to your users that you are going live on Facebook.
  1. Instagram live

Instagram is the easiest and user-friendly app of social media. To go live it also has very few and easy steps you have to follow.

  • When you open Instagram, you can see on the left upper corner showing the camera tab available for you. You can tap on that camera tab.
  • You can see the different options available for you like add a post, add story and Go live, and many more. Swipe through these options unless you reach the Go live tab of Instagram
  • Tap on the go-live tab and you can start your live streaming
  • There are also different filters available on Instagram which you can start using while live broadcasting. These filters will make your live video more entertaining.
  • You can also add one of the influencers or guests on your live broadcasting at the same time.