How to Pack the kitchen while moving?

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The kitchen is the hardest part to pack when planning to move homes. Whether it’s the small cabinets or drawers, kitchens take a lot of time to pack. Further, theRemoval Companies Essex tries to pack the kitchen items delicately. There are not many items in the kitchens that you can give or throw away. Having a systematic approach to packing the kitchen is essential when packing the kitchen for moving.

Ways of packing the kitchen while moving

1. Preparing the essential boxes

Set aside all the things you will be needing currently in your new home. Store the things in the removal company and place all other things inside the boxes. Some of the things you will need in the new home are cutlery, dishtowel, microwave, etc. Keep all the boxes and materials ready for packing.

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Ensure that there is enough packing material for packing all the things. People mostly use leftover newspapers to pack all the spaces around the boxes. Likewise, newspapers are better since there is no ink to rub off on things.

2. Packing of wine and unopened bottles

Alcohol and wine should be packed early, so select all the bottles you are planning to drink. You might want to pack all other things now like specialty oils, vinegar, cooking oils, etc. Weigh all the items before packing and know the cost of packing them. For all the essential oils like balsamic vinegar, oils, etc. knowing the worth of cost is so crucial. For so many items, it might be easy to buy newer bottles as soon as you reach the new home.

3. Packing all the dishes

Pack all the cell boxes for putting glassware and stemware. Further, ensure that all the things are packed well. Pack all the bowls, plates, odds, and many others as you don’t have to open it again. Keep the all-purpose pans and pots in the essential boxes. Pack all the rest including the lids, etc. with the removal company.

4. Packing of the pantry

Pack those items you don’t need now starting with the spices. Likewise, canned goods can’t be moved unless you don’t move them yourself. Check the weight of the carts and then move the things. Get rid of all the freezer items unless the new home is just nearby. Pack for the larger appliances first.

The packing must be done 24 hours in advance. Improper preparation can lead to breaking of the appliances, etc. Read the manuals carefully and check how to open them. If you can’t do it yourself, call a removal company to do your work.


Start your packing by checking all the drawers so that you have not left anything behind. Also, you can keep anything with the removal company. They will safely keep your things until you return to get them back. Packing the kitchen is a daunting task but with the right guidance, you will do well. The kitchen is a crucial part of packing also.  And having a good packers and movers company can help you to make this job easier than you thought.