Fulfill Your Dream Travel of Serene Sites

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Travel is the most interesting and fascinating hobby for most people. Travel makes people rest from the busy hectic schedule of their life. There are various travel guides and Singapore has gone the extra mile through introducing the virtual amazing race. This virtual travel allows people to travel to some distant locations of the world. The travel will be made so easier by sitting in their own home. The people who wish to travel to some interesting locations which are very far away from their homeland can use this opportunity to travel. Online Amazing Race Singapore is specially designed for virtual travel.

Online Amazing Race Singapore

This virtual amazing race will be very helpful for travel lovers who wish to visit some exotic sites. There are many applications available that help the people to join this virtual amazing race. The applications like the Zoom meeting and Google Erath will be suggested by the making teams of the virtual amazing team. The virtual tour will have many advantages for the people. People will be gathered together on the travel event day through such above mentioned applications.

Once the participants are gathered in the meeting, there will a host to guide the travel. The host will aid the team members until the end of the travel. He will explain briefly the travel and the locations which they are going to visit. The travel members will be given globetrotting stories and some clues for further travel. The participants of the virtual race will be divided into teams as per the number of members. The teams will be assigned and will be allotted into individual breakout rooms. These breakout rooms will help the participants to discuss the assigned challenges and tasks. They can use this space to fix their plans for travel.

Each of the cryptic clue, challenge, and the location will have a certain time limit. The team members should complete the given task within the time limit. Once the allotted time is finished the team members will be sent back to the normal main chat. In the main chat, the host will check whether there is any team that can complete the given task. These challenges will be very interesting to the players and will add an extra thrill to the travel. The event will be for 3 to 4 hours. In these 3 to 4 hours, the team members will have the opportunity to travel some unknown lands with a great experience.

Unique Virtual Travel:

The virtual amazing race will focus on helping people to travel to some famous sites in the world, no matter how far it is or how expensive it is to visit the site. The travel will be scheduled properly by the making team and the participants will be given proper instructions to travel. Just a laptop or desktop is enough to enjoy virtual travel in great quality. The travel will be along with other participants ranging from 5 to 50 members. One can use this virtual amazing race to fulfill the wish to travel to some serene sites of the world.