Finer Choices for the Perfect Deals in Affiliate Marketing for You

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Thinking outside the borders is always good, which is why it is certainly interesting for webshops to consider an option to expand abroad. There are already many web shops that have shown the same: growth through the use of affiliate marketing. Take one, for example, which is experiencing rapid growth by selling worldwide through affiliates. This form of marketing allows you to promote your products through other websites (affiliates or publisher websites). Only if you sell through a publisher website do you spend money and at the same time earn money on the product you are selling. It is a win-win situation. In this article 6 tips for success abroad through the use of affiliate marketing. In the case of affiliate seo this is a very important task to do for you now.

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Expand your knowledge

“As we do it here, we will do it abroad as well” we hear a lot when webshops go international. This means that expanding to another country is only a small step in the already growing company. Yet again and again it appears: every country is different. That is why it is important to read yourself well in the market in which you want to profile your webshop. And even better: hire someone with local knowledge. In the Netherlands, the discount is completely ingrained in the culture, because we all save en masse for the discount stamps from Albert Heijn. This is clearly different for other countries. In Indonesia, for example, you are seen as ‘stingy’ when you tell your friends that you are buying something at a discount.

If your people are familiar with the language, culture and market of the country in which you want to grow, you will immediately be two steps ahead of competitors who will pick it up with basic knowledge. Do you already have this knowledge in-house? Then join an affiliate network.

Choose an affiliate network

You choose an affiliate network based on your own products and target groups. Where is your focus? And do you want a local or international network? Many affiliate networks, such as Zanox, Daisycon or Tradetracker, operate on the international market and can serve multiple countries. By joining such a large party you can easily come into contact with international publisher websites. But don’t forget that a local network can also be very interesting. They can often effectively present your product to the right target group because they know the country and culture very well. Our tip is that if you join multiple networks you can profile yourself with a mix of local and international publishers.

Choose a publisher website

How consumers buy products online varies per consumer. It often happens that comparison sites and review websites are first scanned for more information. Consumers then look for the best deal on discount sites. These websites are usually publisher websites and you can connect to this as a webshop via an affiliate network. It is important to view the different forms and thus determine whether your product can be sold by a publisher. You can ask yourself: “what can this publisher mean for our webshop?”. The choice of the type of publisher is also very dependent on the country in which you want to expand. For example, in some countries, publisher websites are much clearer online than others. The cashback sites are very large in England and are less well known in the Netherlands.