Find Your Options for the Best of combat archery Wins

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When practicing archery, do not forget to take into account safety elements and your environment. There are many archery fields and clubs with knowledgeable coaches to guide you through your first steps in the sport of combat archery .

Find A Place to Shoot

The best way to start archery is to find a club or field with specialized instructors and beginner equipment available. An introduction to the sport does not cost a lot of money and new archers improve very quickly if they are well supervised. As with any sport, it’s best to learn the right technique from the start.

It is recommended to complete an introductory course, to try the different types of bows classic, compound and traditional and different sports disciplines, in a club or archery center. The training sites can vary from a place dedicated exclusively to archery to the rental of sports halls or fields.

The important thing is to find a well-organized club with instructors accredited by World Archery or the training system of the respective national federation, who will offer the appropriate advice for someone starting out in the sport.

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Purchase Equipment

After a number of lessons, your instructor will be able to guide you in purchasing your own archery equipment. It is best to use borrowed material and wait until your technique has developed over a number of lessons before purchasing your own bow. The specification of the necessary material can change over time, in particular the tension and length of the extension, or even the type of arc.

Become Competitive

It will take some time and some practice to be comfortable enough to participate in the first competition. Competition levels vary widely, which means that there are appropriate tournaments for novice archers before reaching international events in which only members of the national teams can participate. Your national federation and other archers will be in the best position to identify relevant events in your area.

Archery, popularly known as archery in reference to its two main equipment is an extremely old practice, with records that go back to Prehistory. Archery was once used for fighters and battles but currently stands out as a sports practice. For you who are interested in starting to practice we have prepared a summary with the basic equipment and some tips for practicing Archery.


Being one of the main equipment for the practice of Archery, the bow is a weapon that shoots arrows and can be formed by a single piece of wood. The size of the bow can vary it can be as high as the height of the shooter and can have several curved pieces that increase the power of the bow. Its operation basically consists of elongating the rope, which in modern bows can be synthetic. The tension of the rope determines and adjusts the power of the shot, being able to shoot the arrow from 40 to 100 meters, in larger arcs a shot can reach up to 400 meters in range.


The crossbows are weapons like a shotgun. A crossbow has a bow adapted to one end of a rod, that bow is triggered by a trigger and throws darts shorter arrows. The crossbow was widely used in the 16th century, being manufactured until today for the practice of shooting, sport hunting and some models for special armed forces.