Earning money with your youtube channel

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Youtube the app nothing, but it was one of the search boxes like google. If we have any doubt means we will search in the google app. Google will display through the words and videos also available on google, but if you press the video, that will be directly entered in into the youtube app. There is a link between youtube and google also. So that youtube is very easy to understand all that’s you have searching for. It is very easy to search on youtube. And put some youtube likes . Nowadays, we will buy lots of mobile phones per year. Did you notice something was common in all those mobile phones? It was the apps like youtube, google, and many more apps that are inbuilt into the mobile phone itself? We can’t remove such apps. There are some of the applications mentioned below for learning and as well as for earning.

youtube likes

Incognito tabs on youtube!

There will be a set history that will be recorded that what are all you have searched on youtube. Most teenage boys and girls will be addicted to sex videos. Many of the parents will check the girls or the boy’s mobile phone that what they are searching for. They will see all those histories that you most searched for. Then they will be punished by parents or the teachers. That’s why Google and youtube provide the incognito tabs. If such boys and girls need to see the sexual content videos that won’t be known to the parents means to use these incognito tabs. While using incognito tabs for searching such sexual content, there will be video will comes more and more. The benefits of the incognito tabs were there would be no history saved on youtube. Such like this, only the incognito tabs are using for these purposes only. So, you can see such sexual videos on google or in your tube but be safe to use the incognito tabs on those apps and see such videos or images. These are the new incognito mode usage on youtube.

Money earning by youtube! 

You can make your own money by the zero investment by youtube. First, if you need to earn money, you need to create a youtube channel. Keep the unique name for your youtube channel. And make the best logo that is related to your channel name and your content. And start to post the videos of the channel which you have edited for posting in the channel. So be in the proper content of the video and give the thumbnail for your video, which you are going to post on youtube channel; the thumbnail should attract the person who searches that particular content of the video. If the thumbnail was super, they would click your video, which you have been posted. By this, your views will be increased, and the likes will have also been increasing. And the time of the people has watched your video will be increased. This is the way how you can earn through youtube.