Duties a project manager need to perform

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Among the greatest problems for a Project Manager is his lack of direct authority over the group. Each individual will be drawn from a particular department and might have commitments to his/her line management, along with, to the project group. This suggests that the Project Manager’s capabilities of persuasion will be significantly analyzed. In specific, excellent interaction abilities might be helpful. Like Alex Jenkins an IT Manager is also responsible for proper working of an organization.

IT Manager

An extra issue with the group is their availability. Will they be available for 100 % of the time or on a part-time basis? Will individuals be quitting the group? If so, some degree of succession planning should be in position. It may not be a scheduled reduction of employee as long term health problem might be an issue. It may be hard to find a replacement for the abilities of an expert. One suggests around this may be to welcome a professional to train an internal employee. Usually, any periods for job notification should be developed to permit training sessions to get a new employee up to speed.

The project management group numbers should be managed. The Project Manager will require simply enough and no more. No department enjoys releasing resource unjustifiably. It is vital to keep a great relationship with department managers.

Project management scope:

The Project Manager duties make him liable for a project that will supply a necessary outcome. It is up to him to ensure that the output is appropriate and sensible. He must challenge this in face to face talks with the customer or the specific user of the output.

The scope may well be practical, however, if the schedule to accomplish it is not, the drive of the project management group can be impacted. It ought to have concurred eventually with key interested parties. Remember, that the life of the project may exist for a while after item delivery in concerns to included field testing and maintenance problems.

It might be a really beneficial option to have regular scope examinations with the user to ensure that everybody’s ideas are still on the same track.


There might be raised and decreased resource needs throughout the project life process. When this occurs, will there be a need for the outside resource? The option ought to be appropriately thought of.

External resource might be more pricey however the possible extra knowledge may be vital. Furthermore, it may be more versatile and simpler to eliminate if there are control issues. The element of control may be harder for an external resource. Areas like expenses, abilities, credentials and job requirements may get in the estimation.

A disadvantage in utilizing outside resource is the most likely requirement for their development and getting that knowledge prepared for the project. In addition, the Project Manager might believe that outside resource is not proper in particular locations, for instance training, health and wellness and auditing.

If it is not useful to protect personnel with the right set of abilities then it belongs to the Project Manager obligations to evaluate any project ramifications and record them.