Choosing the Smartest Deals in Military Life

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You watch them from the corner of your eye these bands of friends, arms on arm. You admire these girls laughing loudly. You’re jealous of these groups that are moving away, after class, to a cafĂ©. What if it’s up to you to be theirs? Here is advice so that you cannot say that you do not have many friends. Are you tired of not having a lot of friends? Put these few tips into practice to fix them. You can Find Army Friends for the same. Have the best deals now.

Prepare your speech

To go to others, of course, you can improvise. But it is strongly advised to prepare a plan, even a small speech. It’s good to know, in advance, what we are going to say, said Charlotte, 18, a student in psychology L1, so we’re safer and less clumsy.

Do like Researchers, 15, in second: invent a pretext. I was alone on vacation, no friends, I was walking in a park and I saw a bunch of kids, they looked cool and nice, I asked them if they had a lighter while I do not smoke we have discussed and since then I have seen them every time I go to Arcachon.

Multiply the opportunities

To make it easier to meet people, sign up for sports, cultural or musical activity. At the very heart of the school, it can be the film club, the school life council or the student’s home. Outside school time, the choice is vast, especially in sports.


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When we practice an activity that we love, we meet young people who appreciate the same things as us, suggests Alain Braconnier, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. These common interests create complicity.


In all circumstances, the smile is a visa. Nonverbal language is the first form of communication. The smile creates sympathy. It is complicity, certainly ephemeral at first but very real, explains Joseph Messinger, psychologist and specialist in the gesture. With a smile, we send the signal that we find this person pleasant, and that we would be tempted to talk to him, to discover his universe.

Researchers confirms: I smile when I want to go to a person or a group, but not only, have they said that I’m smiling by nature, it’s true that I’m often in a good mood.

Train during the holidays

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What if you enjoyed the summer to test your smile and your ability to bond quickly? Not only will you make new friends during the holidays, but you will gain confidence in yourself, to meet, this time, new faces in September.

Take risks

Do not be afraid to take a rake. It may not work with this group? It will not stick with this girl who seemed nice to you? So what? What do you risk eventually? Listen to philosopher: Disappointments are possible, but we are not going to die anyway, life is unveiling and taking risks, that’s how we grow up.

Like everything else, the military has an end. Give yourself some rest after this exhausting period. Take a short break or travel abroad for a longer period to regain your senses. A little advice: with a language course, you will experience new adventures while adding value to your CV, but you could devote a whole article.