Catch and Shoot is the Mantra of Fishing and Hunting

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Types of Fishing:

The vessel of shipping is a boat or ship which is used to catch fish in the river, sea or lake. There are many kinds of fishing types they are commercial, artisanal and recreational fishing. According to the FAO, there are almost four commercial vessels in India in the year 2004. Almost two million of them are considered as decked vessels with some small space and closed areas. All the vessels are completely mechanized and almost forty thousand of them are over a hundred tons. And also on the other side, almost two million of the unauthorized boats are traditional craft which are different types, maintained by a sailor. These boats are only used by the fishermen of Artisan.

salmon is one of the instruments which are used for fishing by the fishermen. Some people use this tool to get the fish easily to the maximum on the lake or pond side. It is not at all possible to get fishes from the sea with the help of this weapon. But many learners have learned fishing with the help of this instrument. So this helps the fishermen to catch fish in the lower level of the waterside. There are many types of boats and ships. According to the places, we can find ships or boats. For example, if we decide to count the recreational fishing boats, it is a difficult task to calculate as there are so many boats.


Commercial Fishing:

Commercial fishing boats are the boats that are specially made for fishing. But these recreational fishing boats are not like that because these boats are not only used for fishing but for other purposes also. Big boats, purposely built boats for fishing, usually have big, open cockpits that are designed for convenient fishing. Sport fishing is fishing which is used to enjoy fishing. It also used for the purpose of the fishing competition. Though anyone can learn fishing, there are certain rules, restrictions and also conventions and laws which limit how many fishes are to be caught.

Rules and Restriction: 

These conditions are only for the people who catch fishes using the boat but not applicable for the people who use the net or with hooks not in the mouth. The first step in fishing practice is to learn to catch the fish through the hooks or nets which is also called angling. Fish competitions are done in the open water to catch the big mammals like Shark, Marlin. In such competitions finding fish is more important than the quantity of fish’s fleshes. Same with the case in hunting, as there are also many sports conducted related to hunting.

People enjoy such sports as it is helpful to come out of this stressed world. Hunting also gives food to people of early times, not only food but also shelter. With the skin of dead animals, people started manufacturing leather, wool, and some other clothes. These are the things that are used by the people of olden days as they use these things to safeguard themselves from the climatic changes that happen in the world.