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Have you had the idea to search, find and buy cigarettes online ? But already, is buying and having cigarettes delivered via the web legal? The constantly increasing price of tobacco may encourage consumers and Internet users to seek new methods of acquiring tobacco other than licensed tobacco shops. We will introduce you to the different facets of buying cigarettes online. We will first tell you what the legislation says about buying and selling cigarettes online. We also tell you where you can find and buy cigarettes online while educating yourself about the different practices of acquiring cigarettes on the internet. As you buy cigarettes online you can now have the smartest options for the same.

Buying cigarettes online is illegal

buy cigarettes online

Today in the UK only certified tobacco shops can legally sell cigarettes. The sale of tobacco on the internet is prohibited in the UK. Only the marketing of cigarettes in physical outlets is authorized. Logically you will not find on UK e-commerce sites only substitutes for tobacco and cigarettes. Ordering cigarettes via the web abroad is also illegal and you risk legal action for counterfeiting.

On UK territory, the retail marketing of manufactured tobacco cigarettes, roll-your-own tobacco, hookah tobacco, snuff, etc. is a monopoly exclusively managed by the customs administration and the indirect rights which it exercises through intermediary of tobacconists that are tobacconists in particular.

The article which governs the sale of tobacco is of the general tax code which implicitly stipulates that the distance marketing of manufactured tobacco is prohibited throughout UK territory in mainland UK and in the overseas departments…

Even if the temptation to order and buy cigarettes or cartons of cigarettes online is important, in particular, because of the rise in tobacco prices in the UK, mail order buyers via websites, forums, by email or by phone are therefore in violation of the law And this regardless of the country in which the online tobacco sales website is hosted.

Regarding the sanction, you expose yourself to a prison sentence of 5 years and a fine of $ 500,000. This is the maximum penalty for imports of massive counterfeit cigarettes. You should know that in fact, the small quantities are most of the time destroyed without legal proceedings.

The darknet to buy cigarettes on the internet

Despite the illegal aspect of selling cigarettes online, it is still possible to obtain them. Many pirate websites offer Internet users to buy cigarettes in greater or lesser quantities to Internet users. Obviously, these sites are outlawed. Some e-commerce websites selling cigarettes offer to deliver your order of cigarettes to your home. Others just collect the money and send nothing.


There are online cigarette trafficking networks that can operate via forums and then by email. These people contact the buyer and negotiate a delivery of cigarettes which is once again insured or not. There are many scams with the sale of cigarettes online.

The Dark-web or Dark-net is a free trade area via the internet which is accessible via specific software. The Dark-web allows you to find and buy cigarettes in a few clicks. The currency on the Dark-web is a cryptocurrency, usually Bitcoin or Litecoin. So you have to transform your Euros into cryptocurrency to be able to buy cigarettes via the Dark-web. The Dark-web is an easily accessible tobacco marketing area where cigarette packs and cartons of cigarettes can be purchased with a few clicks.