123movies: The best free streaming website with films from various genres

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If you ever wonder how to see the latest Hollywood movies online for free without paying any money, today, in this short piece, I will be showing you how to do it. Needless to say that there are lots of websites that offer you all the movies and TV shows you ever wanted to watch; however, a lot of them don’t have much of the titles in their database. People have different tastes, and they like different genres movies ; hence it’s essential to find a website that has a massive enough stock of films and videos to satisfy the needs of most of us. So without any further delay, let’s move to our topic.

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123movies: Open any of your web browsers, and just go to google. Once it’s opened, you just type, and click it. Now, as you can see, there are lots of lists over here; you can watch TV series, or whatever, like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Family Guy, and any kind of TV shows, and you can see a list of some movies over there as well. So just open up the site, and once you are on the site, you can see the home menu where lots of recent movies are getting displayed, like Bohemian Rhapsody, The Equalizer 2, Star Wars Solo, Avengers The Endgame, Hunter Killer, Small Foot, Incredible 2, and many more movies are down there. So, let’s just say that you want to watch Incredible 2. To view the film, you put your mouse over the movie banner and then click on it. Once clicked, it opens up, and you are going to find two links, namely “stream in HD” and “download in HD,” respectively.

However, you shouldn’t bother clicking any of those two links that they are going to bring up some useless ads or redirect you to some spammy third-party sites that you don’t want to visit obviously. This is one caveat in lots of this kind of website where you have to be beware clicking on any link that resembles legit but actually, is not. So once you open the movie streaming page, just wait for a while for it to load. In the meantime, you can see the servers that stream your selected movie, so you can choose any server from there if the default one has some quality or slow loading issues, you can play whichever server you want, or you feel quick. Now, you just wait for a while until the particular movie gets to load up. After you select the video, you will see the play button, and simply press on it. It will show some advertisement on the player window initially, so wait a bit for it to end, or you can close it by clicking on the X button, and the video will start playing. This is one of the drawbacks of this website, so you should use an adblocker app before you come to access this site. Adblocker is an essential tool for anyone who wants to watch online movies as these sites survive with the revenues generated by showing ads.